eFile Campaign Filing API

eFile Campaign Filing API
Application Programming Interface (Source: Hewlett Packard)

eFile is a next-generation electronic filing system for campaign finance, lobbyist, and statement of economic interests disclosures. eFile is agile: it's living cloud-based software that is continuously being updated and improved.

We've just launched new functionality for eFile's campaign finance module. It's the eFile Campaign Filing application programming interface (API). Basically, an API is a way for two software systems to exchange information programmatically and directly, without the need for human intervention.

The new Campaign Filing API makes it possible for campaign treasurer software developers to integrate their products directly with eFile. Treasurers using such software can now create and finalize their eFile disclosure reports directly in their treasurer software, which then sends them securely to eFile via the API. eFile validates the data and creates the official filing, and automatically makes it available to the public.

In designing, implementing, and testing the Campaign Filing API, we've had the pleasure to work with ISPolitical (ISP), one of the nation's leading providers of campaign finance software. ISP users can now complete their filings directly from within ISP, without the need to export and then import a CAL file into eFile. Everything is handled by the Campaign Filing API.


The Campaign Filing API is a standard JSON REST API that can be used by any software system capable of making HTTPS requests and processing the JSON format. The API is free to use and detailed specifications are available upon request via email (info@efile.systems).

The eFile team is happy to work with other vendors of treasurer software interested in integrating with the eFile Campaign Filing API.