Introducing the eFile Gift Tracker App

Introducing the new eFile Gift Tracker App for Public Officals

Introducing the eFile Gift Tracker App

Helping your public officials track gifts as they receive them.
Now available as a free download for iOS and Android!

Public officials must keep track of gifts they receive throughout the year so that they can report them on their annual Statement of Economic Interests (FPPC Form 700). Gifts are reported on Schedule D of Form 700.

In an effort to support public officials, Electronic Filing Systems is pleased to announce the release of the eFile Gift Tracker App.

The Gift Tracker App makes it easy for public officials to keep track of gifts received throughout the year. Just log them in the app! The app protects your privacy. All data remain on your mobile device until export.

At filing time of Form 700, just export an Excel Spreadsheet of gifts in the official FPPC format and use it as a reference when entering records into Schedule D. If your agency already uses our eFile system, you can upload the exported spreadsheet directly into Schedule D.

As the premier provider of electronic filing solutions for public disclosures in California, Electronic Filing Systems recognizes the vital role that transparent reporting plays in maintaining the integrity of the political process and the work of public agencies. We developed the eFile Gift Tracker App in response to requests received from our agency partners. They asked us to come up with an easy and modern way for their public officials to track the gifts they received between annual filings of Form 700. The free eFile Gift Tracker App is our response! It can be used by officials at any agency, completely free of charge and without any tracking or advertising.

Do you have questions about the app or about eFile? Feel free to reach out to us at any time at or 626-240-5169.


The eFile Gift Tracker App is unrelated to the FPPC’s legacy Gift Tracker Application and has been developed independently and without any involvement of the FPPC.