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» eFile is the modern answer to all City and County electronic filing needs in California.

» Campaign Finance, Statement of Economic Interest, Lobbyist Disclosures, & more!
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FPPC 700:

Statement of Economic Interests

  • Modern, mobile first web application.
  • Powerful admin interface for filer, filing, and position management, templated messaging, filing review, and rich reporting.
  • Automatic transmission of 87200 filings to the FPPC.
  • Available as a bespoke solution, fully integrated with your Agency's website, branding, and single-sign on system.
  • Most cost-effective solution in the market thanks to next-generation cloud-based technology.

Campaign Finance

  • Fresh, user-friendly interface for treasurers and candidates.
  • Comprehensive campaign accounting system supporting all reportable transaction types.
  • Supporting filings generated with third-party treasurer software via upload and/or API integration.
  • Report generation and electronic filing of forms 460, 496, and 497 (forms 410, 450, 461, 470 in preparation).
  • Rich admin committee management functionality and in-depth analytics and reporting.

Open Public Access

  • Integrated search functionality across SEI, Campaign, and other disclosure categories (e.g, lobbyist disclosures).
  • PDF and text-only versions of filings for greater accessibility.
  • Premier search interface and ability to access and export disclosure data by slicing and dicing in different ways.
  • RSS filing feeds and updates via email on new filings.
  • Open-access API for deep queries and campaign finance research.

Bespoke Additions & Partnerships

  • Need a bespoke addition? We listen to your needs and build to your specs.
  • Want to build your own in-house filing solution? We'll help.
  • Need a filing solution for Lobbyists or other disclosures? We'll build it for you!
  • Need to handle electronic check and credit card transactions? We'll help you integrate with our payment processing partners.


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Success Stories

eFile delivers a superior experience to agencies, filers, and the general public. It's intuitive, modern, and user friendly.

City of San Diego

A Modern Electronic Filing System for San Diego.

San Diego had a long-standing relationship with a legacy filing provider, but the City wanted more than that provider could offer: a modern, user-friendly mobile-first filing system, integration with the City's single-sign on solution, seamless branding within the City's web domain, and a bespoke lobbyist and mid-year gifts reporting solution.

We delivered for San Diego with the premier eFile-SD Solution. It's modern, user-friendly, and replaces the City's previous dated solution, and it comes with substantial cost savings for the City's tax payers.

Interested in a demo? Call us at 626-240-5169 or write to info@efile.systems.

Glass Compliance Inc.

Regulatory Compliance Simplified: Glass

Electronic Filing Systems and its parent, Pasadena Consulting Group LLC, have helped Glass build a premier Software-as-a-Service compliance platform for financial advisors and asset managers.

Glass provides for electronic filing of SEC/FINRA/CFTC required disclosures and attestations and handles trade pre-clearance and reconciliation. Glass's proprietary storage solution is fully compliant with SEA Rule 17a-4.

About Electronic Filing Systems

Electronic Filing Systems is a Pasadena Consulting Group LLC venture.
The Future is Now. It's time to innovate!

Customer Success is what counts

We're here to support you. We put in extra hours and go the extra mile to ensure your agency's success. We provide 24/7 phone, email, and chat support to our agency partners.

Technology for the 2020s

eFile is based on modern, high-performance open source community-driven software. A huge community supports eFile's tech stack and there are no expensive licensing fees to pass on to the tax payer.

Public-Private Partnership

eFile was developed in a public-private partnership between Pasadena Consulting Group LLC and the City of San Diego. A win-win situation for EFS/PCG, San Diego, and the tax payer.

Reliability and Availability

We guarantee 99.9% monthly availabilty outside of scheduled maintenance periods. eFile is 100% cloud based and uses Amazon Web Services' superior cloud platform in concert with industry-leading monitoring and incident response.

Problem Solvers are the Leaders

EFS's leadership team consists of PhDs trained to solve the toughest computational problems. We put that intellectual prowess to work for you.

We're local, we're small, diverse, and nimble

EFS/PCG is a small local business. We have a diverse team centered in Southern California. We love to support our communities. We are stakeholders and we care.